HP61 Silo weight controller

Silo weight controller with entry for load cells* (digital amplifier at 65.500 points, integrated on board), litres counter for water calculation*, daily start clock*, sensor maximum charge of distribution's line*.

HP61/WHP61 doses the programmed quantity of feed to distribute with resolution to Kg and in the meantime it realizes the following functions:

- it verifies that during the distribution the feed reduces in the silo (stopping the distribution and signalling the alarm if a non-decrease of the weight occurs due to effect “bridge” of the feed in the silo);
- it verifies that the distribution of the programmed quantity of feed happens in a prefixed time (stopping the distribution and signalling the alarm if an overcoming of maximum time occurs);
- it verifies that the quantity of feed that is present in the silo doesn't fall under the prefixed quantity of “minimum supply” (signalling with the alarm the overcoming of this condition);
- it verifies the signal of the sensor of maximum charge of distribution line of the feed (stopping the distribution when the sensor intervenes and starting it again with a certain time of delay when the sensor permits it);
- it records the Kg of feed that have been consumed from the first day of the cycle;
- it records the litres of water that have been consumed from the first day of the cycle;
- it verifies in each moment the feed that has been loaded.

The digital amplifier at 65.500 points with precision and a stability of 1 point on 65.500 and a termic drift of less than one point on 65.500 integrated on board of HP61 permits an exact control of the weighing, in order to connect every kind of load cells with an automatic procedure of cells calibration (no trimmers to adjust): pratically the precision of weighing system is the one that is declared of load cells.

It has contained dimensions and it comes equipped in two versions:
HP61 model for panel mounting, with IP55 keyboard;
HP61/W model for wall mounting, with IP55 box.



The unit comes equipped with CE_emclvd.GIF (1122 byte)label.

Like all equipment, these items can be connected in a network for integrated system management
(see our catalougue entitled "Communication Products")

*Item that we don't supply.


HP61 Technical data

Powe supply
Power supply 220-240 Vac
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Typical power consuption 5 VA
HP61 Material A.B.S.
HP61/W Material P.C.B.
HP61 Dimensions 96x96x58 mm
HP61/W Dimensions 98x125x75 mm
HP61 Weight 370 g
HP61/W Weight 660 g
HP61 Protection degree IP55
HP61/W Protection degree IP55
N. 2 relay 4 AMP-AC1
N. 3 external inputs: Start, water-counter, foddel limit-switch
Signal conditioning detailed list
Load cells sensitivity 0,4...4 mV/V F.s.
N of connected load cells 4 of 350 Ohm, or 8 of 700 Ohm
Resolution 65.500 bipolar points at mV/V F.s.
Precision and stability 1 point on 65.500
Thermic drift Under 1 point
Temperature range
Operatibility -10...+55 C
Storage -40...+80 C

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