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HC line system potentiality

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Weights, measures, specific inputs / outputs, etc.



INPUT: - 8 ANALOG 3870 points NTC -50°C...+115°C (SX) Potentiometer
- 12 conversions/sec PT100/PT1000 (HPT1) Load cells
- digital filtering 0-10V Thermocouple (HTC1)
- thermal drift typ. 1 point. Switch Amperometric (HLTA)
  Commutator 12 pos. Wind meter (WX)
  Luminosity (LX)
OUTPUT: - 10 relays 4 AMP-AC1 (Mechanical endurance 50 millions operations)
(Electrical endurance 0.3 millions operations)
DIALOGUE: - 4/5/6 Display H=20mm 3.3 mCd(@10mA)
- 12 Status lamps 6.0 mCd(@10mA)
- 10 Key lamps 6.0 mCd(@10mA)
- 24 Tactile keys Endurance 3 millions operat.
- piezoelectric buzzer    
COMMUNICATION: Asynchronous serial TTL full duplex 2400 BAUD
- Printer (PR24)
- RS232C (HRSS)
- RS485 insulated (HBOX)
PERIPHERAL: Synchronous serial 4 wires (SPI) 1MHz
- 2 A/D load cells (HLCP)
- 24 Driver relays (HR24)
- 2 A/D 16 bit (2000/Sec) (HD16)
- 2 relays option (HPAL)
  -8 channells 12 bit AD conv. (HAD8)
INTELLIGENCE: 68HC11 MASK POLA (advanced 6800 architecture)
ROM 16 Kbytes Nonvolatile
RAM 8/16 Kbytes Option real-time clock/calend. RAM 1/4 Kbytes Volatile
EEP 1/2 Kbytes Pseudo nonvolatile (10 years/10K cycles)
Clock 2 MHz (0.5 uSec CPU cycle)
Data integrity -40....+85 °C
USING: Panel mounting dim.: 144x144x77mm Weight: 1120g
Power supply: 230Vac (+10%/-15%) 50-60Hz (other voltages on request: 115Vac, 24Vac, 24Vdc, 12Vdc)
Power consuption typical: 8VA
Operatibility: -10°C....+55°C
Keyboard waterproof: IP54
EMC: EN 50081-1 (1992)(Emission) EN 50082-2 (1995)(Immunity)
Fully compliance with European directive 89/336/EEC for electromagnetc
compatibility in hard industry and residential environment.
Tests performed and documentated in an official accreditated competent body.
As just certified with the conformity declaration and verified by tens of thousands of
settings, our regulation modules have exceeded the strict directives EN 50082-2
(immunity in heavy industrial environment) with no need to use other screened cable,
optical fibres, anti-radiation envelope and other help acts to correct some possible
integrity absences.
To consumer advantage, the HC modules satisfy the normal conditions of functioning
as well as they have been produced.
LVD: Safety electric standards concerning low-voltage-directive 73/23/EEC are largerly reached