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HP line microcomputer presentation

pan HP70A microcomputer module must be designed to be quick and easy to use. Although intelligent systems cover a wide variety of functions, they must not be so complex as to make them difficult to use.
The basic principle behind the HP line is to provide more space at the front using a DIN96 (96x96x63mm) panel-mounting version and - considering the minimal depth - a wall-mounting version /W (98x125x75mm).
Connection to electric switchboards is facilitated by the reduced depth. The /W version is the ideal solution for field or on-board applications.

pan HP displayThis optimal use of the front surface gives extremely clear data and messagges on the screen, which comprises four 20-mmdisplays with a high light output efficiency.

pan HP selezione tastoThe keys are finger-size and marked with ideograms for immediate comprehensions. If there is more than one programming key, each one has a built-in lighth, and the configuration programs are protected by "cryptic" records.
The external wiring is extremely simple: the on-board transformer, fuse-protected relays and plug-in terminal board make the connections very quick and easy.

As for all products, there is no difficulty in connecting the probes with an ordinary two-wire cable even long distance away, without requiring shielding or insulated runways.
CE emclvdThe sturdy makeup, a wide selection of extended-range components and limited disturbance (refer to EMC studies) give an extremely reliable product which you can see for yourself as soon as you put it to use. In fact compliance to severe regulations issued by european community concerning electromagnetic compatibility and low voltage directives was reached time before dead line legal date mandatory for CE labelling.
This brochure lists all our models which are designed for specific user-friendly applications.
If you need a product tailored to your own personal requirements, in a very short time our customer service can come up with an exclusive customized solution.
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HP line modules

pan HP collageThe decision to offer highly targeted products and simple to use, has led us to realize the 68 models in this article.

How to order HP module

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Identifies the complete code of the module to be ordered with any HP variants.
Please note: unless otherwise specified module HP comes standard version panel mounting with power supply 230Vac.

Custom service

pan HP customIf you need a product tailored to your own personal requirements, in a very short time our customer service can come up with an exclusive version with customized software and control panel.

HP line system potentiality

pan HP potenzialitĂ View the HP line full specifications

Weights, measures, specific inputs / outputs, etc.