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XP software upgrades

upg aggiornamento USB

The XP line modules can be easily updated thanks to the USB socket with which they are equipped. The files to update the XP models are available for free in our 'Download Area' (only one registration is needed the first time you log in).


PRELIMINARY: Know the software level currently in use

  • Before updating an XP module it is necessary to know which software level is currently in use, and then look for a possible update of the higher version to be loaded in the download area.
  • To do this, access the 'INFO SETUP' screen which can be reached from the main page using the key sequence: tasto A>tasto A>tasto A and note the 'Software level' value.
    (from here on we will take for example the update for the XP66 module, the procedure is the same for all XP modules)
    upg home alarm check info
  • Now that you know the 'Software level' access to our 'Download Area' to view the folder of your XP module and check the level of software level available for the update.
    upg area download
  • If the available software level is higher than the one in use (as in the example: 1.03 is greater than 1.00) you can proceed with the following steps below to perform the update.

FIRST STEP: Download the file for the update and prepare it on USB support

  • Insert a USB memory into your PC (if possible use a USB memory of contained capacity and possibly empty, or anyway with a few saved files).
    ico usbfreccia dxupg pc upgrade
  • Download the file from our 'Download Area' on your PC using the 'Download' button.
    upg tasto download
  • Depending on the browser you are using, a window will open to select where to save the update file (in the example Google Chrome), select the inserted USB memory as shown in the image below.
    Important: save the update file to the USB memory root directory (not in a sub-folder)
    upg tasto salva

  • When the backup is complete, you can proceed with the removal of the USB memory from the PC.
    upg pc upgradefreccia dxico usb

SECOND STEP: Update of the XP module

  • From the home page, press the sequence of keys tasto A>tasto A>tasto A and at this point hold down the key for a long time tasto A until the 'UPGRADE' screen appears, then release the button.
  • upg home alarm check
  • From the "UPGRADE" screen, hold down the key for a long time tasto A until the 'P USB-Host MSC Bootloader' screen appears, then release the button.
    upg upgrade bootloader
  • Insert the USB memory, if the XP module is equipped with box W01 w01 with USBC plug  usbp it will be possible to insert the USB memory from the outside of the box, alternatively it will be necessary to access the back of the XP module where the USB socket is present.
    ico usbfreccia dxXP68 frontale th

  • In the 'P USB-Host MSC Bootloader' screen, press the key corresponding to the update file to be loaded (in the example shown here, only the Xp66_VERS_103.bxp file associated with the key is present; if there are more files, the other keys will be associated).
    upg bootloader
  • Once the update is complete, remove the USB memory from the XP module.
  • Verify that the update was successful, from the home page press the keys tasto A>tasto A>tasto A and check that the software level is actually the updated one, otherwise repeat the update operations.

ico info

If during the update procedure the power supply fails or if the USB memory is mistakenly removed, the XP module will no longer work.

In this case:

  • Remove the supply voltage to the XP module.
  • Press the button tasto D and simultaneously restore the supply voltage to the XP module.
  • At this point, the 'P USB-Host MSC Bootloader' screen for file upload will appear again and you can proceed with the update again.