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Xscale (two plates birds scale)

xscale frontale thXscale is a birds weighing configurable to one or two weighing plates.
The two weighing plates can be installed in the same shed or in two separate buildings as settings and archives are completely independent.

Xscale makes the weight control by a multi-weighing system.
For each weighed bird the program makes an automatic tare before weighing ther next bird.
By using the multi-tare system bird weighing is done even if the bird does not get off the scale.

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 The connection of the weighing plate is facilitated with the digital TLC0 that by connecting RS-485 bus can be installed in the shed close to the weighing plate.

tlc0 foto con scatola

Digital amplifier for weighings load cells


Two type of weighing plates are available:

  • PWS0 (parents type)
  • PWS1 (chicksers type)
  • PWS2 (turkeys type)

 ico new


Weighing plate floor type
for parents
Weighing plate suspended
for chicks
Weighing plate suspended
for turkeys

Network connection

Qfarm Net Pro 1The "networking" is meant the ability to operate on the Farm in Xscale remotely with using a personal computer on which you installed our software Xscale Net PRO.
Xscale modules are already in place for networking and require no additional hardware, terminals are already present in the terminals for connecting the network cable, making operational control is required only a ULANnetwork driver that is connected directly to the personal computer from which you can connect through an electrical connection (cable with two twists screen) to modules.
The link to the various modules is facilitated by the fact that there is no specific order of connection, in essence it is not a link like "loop", essentially all of Xscale will be connected in "parallel" as simple as possible for the operation link.
The maximum distance between the personal computer and the Last of the Farm related Xscale is 1000 meters (1km).


Network software Xscale Net

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The peculiarity of the software Xscale Net PRO is to reproduce the views and operation of the same Xscale, in practice it may operate through a personal computer as you work on the Xscale with the same views and the same procedure of navigation except that you don't press the button with your finger on the Xscale but I'll use the mouse pointer on the PC screen.

The high speed data updates can refresh all the values of Xscale in less than two seconds (the time value for each networked Xscale) and in the case of variation of a set procedure be exhausted in less than a second immediately freeing resources for other procedures.

Another important privilege is that we can not leave your PC on continuously for a historical records, in fact the archives that are displayed on the pc are nothing more then archives stored by Xscale (max 500 days). This data are constantly updated on the PC when the program is running and is never lost until the start of a new cycle.

Requirements for the operation of the program Xscale Net PRO:

  • Network Driver ULAN (slot with socket DIN rail positioned near the computer)
  • Personal computer running Windows XP or higher and equipped with USB port to connect ULAN slot.

Data transfer (USB)

xfarm usb
Communication with external world is by USB pen drive.
The main programming parameters, the archive downloads and software updates can be made by PC connection via the USB pen drive.

Xscale Dialogue

With this program you can display on your personal computer all data cycle downloaded via the USB stick.

 Xscale Dialogue 1   Xscale Dialogue 2   Xscale Dialogue 2

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