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Q line modules

pan Q collageThe Q line products are composed of a central unit, which is the main element of the system, display (7”) 65536 colors resolution WVGA 800x480 dots with backlit with LED lamps that provide excellent visibility in all light conditions.

Qfarm (livestock controller)

qfarm frontale thThe main Qfarm feature is that you can fully set and customize the house working configuration.
This is easily done connecting the Qfarm to a PC through the Qfarm Lab software.

The Qfarm can manage up to 112 inputs, 108 On-Off outputs and 44 0-10V outputs. Qfarm Lab programming software has a step-by-step procedure with graphics and notes which enables you to define and configure the working parameters of the house.

Qfarm.Cloud (remote control of Qfarm processors)

qfarm frontale thThe Qfarm.Cloud service allows remote control of the Qfarm processors installed in your Farm from any device such as computers, smartphones or tablets, connected to the internet.

Qpigs (pigs feed distribution with dry feed)

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Qpigs manages the control of pig feed with dry feed, distributing the quantity of daily feed (rationed or at will) at certain times of the day which is determined according the feed curve.
The management of the feed weight in distribution is carried out by detecting the weight of the silos (up to 8 silos): the loading of the silo is automatically recognized, by pausing the feed distribution and recording all the data of the silo load (date and quantity of feed loaded) , and resuming the distribution when the silo load is completed.