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XP line modules

pan XP collageNew XP line: small size, great power.
color display screen 3.5” with 320x240 dots resolution with led backlighting. XP Line is made in DIN 96x96 format and the module dimensions are 96x96mm.



coll xp 3d

XP line features

The main feature of the XP Line is the color display screen 3.5” with 320x240 dots resolution with led backlighting.
XP Line is made in DIN 96x96 format and the module dimensions are 96x96mm.

lcd spec

The user interface is easy and friendly.
The easy touch screen system gives both the typical “easy to use” approach of a touch screen system and the strength and mechanical protection of a polycarbonate IP54 keyboard.
At every screen the function keys display a diferent graphic making the program very user friendly.


The user can select the display language:
all the wordings, acronyms and "help" texts for programming assistance will be displayed in the chosen language.


 Each programming step has its own help screen so the program has a “built in” instruction manual.  

set meal



XPWL b                  hdy6                  tlc2  
The central unit allows direct connection of 6 inputs / 5 relay outputs (On/Off) / 1 output 0-10V / 1 load cells input.   Another 6 relay outputs are easily usable by connecting the HDY6 peripheral.   If the only load cell  input on board is not sufficient, other inputs can be acquired through the TLC2 peripherals.  



Data transfer

Communication with the external world is through USB key that can be used to update the processor or to export the archives recorded during working.

  • Updating software:

In the processor instructions a reference is given to our site where it will always be possible to download the processor updates that will be released.


 upg_pc_upgrade.png    freccia_dx.png    ico_usb.png    freccia_dx.png    XP68_frontale_th.png


  • Save / import settings:

It is possible to save on a USB memory a file containing all the settings made (back-up).
The saved settings can be uploaded to the XP processor at any time using a simple wizard.


 XP66 frontale USB 1 th  freccia dx  ico usb  ico bck  ico usb  freccia dx  XP66 frontale USB 1 th
Example of back-up to reload previously saved settings.



 XP66 frontale USB 1 th  freccia dx  ico usb      ico usb  freccia dx  XP66 frontale USB 1 th

 Example of copy settings from an XP module to others.


  • Archives export:

    The XP processor save a file containing the data in the USB memory:
    -recorded day by day during the cycle.
    -recorded every 15 minutes of every day of the cycle.
    -record alarms / failures / events during working.


 XP68 frontale th    freccia_dx.png    ico_usb.png    freccia_dx.png    xp dialogue


   Then inserting the USB memory into a personal computer and with the help of the XP Dialogue online service you can view the recorded data as a graphic and other options.

  xp dialogue a  xp dialogue b

Example representation of the XP Dialogue service related to exported data from an XP68 (Data logger)


The XPline.Cloud service allows remote control of the XP processors installed in your Farm from any device such as computers, smartphones or tablets, connected to the internet.